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Action Words for Data Engineering

This article was made to be a helpful reference when crafting your resume's experience bullet points. In general, use the present tense of verbs for current roles/experiences (e.g. Administer, Conduct, Design, Edit, Promote, etc.).


Achieved, Designed, Elected to, Established, Executed, Expanded, Generated, Handled, Implemented, Improved, Optimized, Pioneered, Reduced (losses), Resolved, Restored, Transformed

Administrative Skills:

Administered, Coordinated, Designed, Established, Evaluated, Interpreted, Interviewed, Managed, Mediated, Negotiated, Organized, Oversaw, Prepared, Planned, Purchased, Supervised

Communication Skills:

Addressed, Advertised, Arbitrated, Arranged, Articulated, Attended, Authored, Collaborated, Committed, Convinced, Corresponded, Demonstrated, Described, Developed, Directed, Discussed, Diverted, Drafted, Drew, Edited, Elicited, Empathized, Enlisted, Entertained, Expressed, Facilitated, Formulated, Handled, Harmonized, Influenced, Informed, Inquired, Interacted, Interpreted, Interviewed, Invited, Justified, Lectured, Listened, Manipulated, Marketed, Mediated, Moderated, Motivated, Negotiated, Networked, Perceived, Persuaded, Presented, Promoted, Proposed, Publicized, Rated, Recommended, Reconciled, Recruited, Reported, Represented, Settled, Showed, Signaled, Solicited, Specified, Spoke, Telephoned, Testified, Translated, Wrote

Counseling/Helping Skills:

Accompanied, Adopted, Advocated, Affected, Aided, Assessed, Assisted, Assumed, Clarified, Coached, Collaborated, Combined, Counseled, Demonstrated, Devoted, Diagnosed, Educated, Enlarged, Ensured, Executed, Expanded, Expedited, Facilitated, Familiarized, Fortified, Guided, Increased, Involved, Maintained, Modified, Motivated, Offered, Participated, Protected, Provided, Reduced, Referred, Rehabilitated, Reinforced, Represented, Retained, Reviewed, Revised, Sampled, Served, Shared, Suggested, Supplied

Creative Skills:

Acted, Anticipated, Appeared, Conceptualized, Created, Customized, Decorated, Designed, Developed, Directed, Displayed, Drew, Edited, Entertained, Established, Fashioned, Filmed, Founded, Illustrated, Initiated, Innovated, Instituted, Integrated, Introduced, Invented, Originated, Performed, Planned, Revitalized

Financial Skills:

Administered, Allocated, Analyzed, Appraised, Assessed, Audited, Balanced, Bargained, Bought, Budgeted, Calculated, Computed, Developed, Exchanged, Forecasted, Insured, Managed, Marketed, Planned, Prepared, Procured, Purchased, Researched, Sold


Approved, Arranged, Catalogued, Charted, Classified, Collected, Compiled, Delivered, Dispatched, Distributed, Drafted, Edited, Executed, Filed, Generated, Hosted, Implemented, Inspected, Memorized, Monitored, Operated, Organized, Outlined, Prepared, Processed, Purchased, Recorded, Registered, Relayed, Reorganized, Reproduced, Retrieved, Scanned, Screened, Separated, Simplified, Specified, Systematized, Tabulated, Transferred, Updated

Management Skills:

Administered, Allotted, Analyzed, Assigned, Attained, Broadened, Called for, Chaired, Changed, Consolidated, Contacted, Contracted, Coordinated, Decided, Defined, Delegated, Developed, Devised, Directed, Eliminated, Enforced, Established, Evaluated, Executed, Focused, Handled, Headed, Hired, Implemented, Improved, Incorporated, Increased, Instituted, Integrated, Judged, Led, Managed, Mediated, Mobilized, Motivated, Organized, Overhauled, Oversaw, Planned, Prioritized, Produced, Provided, Recommended, Regulated, Resolved, Restored, Reviewed, Scheduled, Screened, Scrutinized, Selected, Shaped, Solved, Sought, Specialized, Strengthened, Structured, Supervised, Terminated, Verified

Organizational Skills:

Analyzed, Applied, Approved, Arranged, Catalogued, Classified, Collected, Compiled, Coordinated, Dispatched, Developed, Expedited, Facilitated, Generated, Handled, Implemented, Initiated, Inspected, Monitored, Organized, Planned, Prepared, Processed, Purchased, Recorded, Retrieved, Screened, Specified, Systematized, Tabulated, Validated

Research Skills:

Analyzed, Applied, Checked, Cited, Clarified, Collected, Compared, Critiqued, Deducted, Determined, Diagnosed, Discovered, Dissected, Estimated, Evaluated, Examined, Explored, Extracted, Forecasted, Formulated, Found, Gathered, Graphed, Identified, Inspected, Interpreted, Interviewed, Investigated, Isolated, Located, Observed, Predicted, Read, Researched, Reviewed, Studied, Summarized, Surveyed, Systematized

Technical Skills:

Adjusted, Advanced, Altered, Amplified, Assembled, Built, Calculated, Computed, Designed, Devised, Developed, Engineered, Excavated, Extrapolated, Fabricated, Installed, Interpreted, Maintained, Mapped, Measured, Mediated, Moderated, Motivated, Negotiated, Obtained, Operated, Overhauled, Persuaded, Plotted, Produced, Programmed, Promoted, Publicized, Reconciled, Recruited, Remodeled, Renovated, Repaired, Restored, Rotated, Solved, Synthesized, Translated, Upgraded, Wrote

Time Management Skills:

Administered, Consolidated, Developed, Directed, Generated, Improved, Increased, Initiated, Promoted, Reduced

Training Skills:

Adapted, Advised, Clarified, Coached, Communicated, Coordinated, Developed, Enabled, Encouraged, Evaluated, Explained, Facilitated, Guided, Informed, Initiated, Instructed, Motivated, Persuaded, Presented, Stimulated

Type of Experience:

Broad, Complete, Comprehensive, Consistent, Diversified, Extensive, Intensive, Scope, Solid, Specific, Successful, Varied